New year, new inventions: Get to Hagley Museum in Wilmington for Invention Convention

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What’ll they think of next?
In just the last 10 years, shoulder-mounted camcorders were rendered obsolete by smart phones; laptops got video editing capability; and video distribution got ridiculously easy.
The 2017 Invention Convention, held at the Hagley Museum’s Soda House and Library, will explore devices and applications that videographers use to create videos that entertain and inform, explains www.hagley.org. There will also be science shows about chemistry, physics and weather.
When does this happen?
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Jan. 14-16.
Just science shows and video-related activities?
Invention Convention has Tinkering Tables, where families can investigate the insides of an electronic gadget by using simple hand tools to take it apart. The opposite happens in the Create-an-Invention area, where children can make an invention using everyday household items. To celebrate a job well done, a Hagley “patent” will be issued for every invention.

A young visitor to the Invention Convention at a Tinkering Table.  Courtesy photo

A young visitor to the Invention Convention at a Tinkering Table.
Courtesy photo

The ode to videography innovation should be pretty comprehensive. There’s going to be everything from a green screen to a celebration of the earliest animators with thaumatrope and flip book making. Also, become a Foley artist by using unusual objects to create sounds for a silent video sequence, and create your own stop-motion video.
How do I get there?
Hagley is in Wilmington, Del. Use the Buck Road entrance.
What does it cost?
Admission is $8, $6 for children 4-14, free to members. Lunch and refreshments will be available from the Belin House Organic Café.
How do I get more information, so I can plan my day better?
Call (302) 658-2400 or email AskHagley@hagley.org.
Note that volunteers 16 and older are needed to make the Invention Convention run. Visit www.hagley.org/volunteer.

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