SEVEN IN SEVEN: This week’s concerts bring us PnB Rock, H2O and more

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Welcome to “Seven in Seven,” where we take a look at shows coming to the region over the next week. Whether your musical tastes are rock and roll, jazz, heavy metal, singer-songwriter or indie, there’ll always be something to check out in the coming days.
Here are seven of the best for the week beginning Nov. 20:
H2O – Nov. 20 at Underground Arts
H2O is a band that had beginnings like any other band when they got together in 1994. No one could have guessed that a few guys and a former roadie from New York would start a band as a one-song side project and it would turn into a world-touring powerhouse. They took humble roots and worked their way to add their chapter to the long history of New York hardcore and they would define the term “melodic hardcore” that would become so common years later. Now, seven albums in with a handful of EPs and 7” releases under their belt, is it too early call them NY hardcore legends?
Electric Citizen – Nov. 22 at The Voltage Lounge
After bursting to the American heavy rock forefront with their 2014 debut album, Sateen, Cincinnati four-piece Electric Citizen are back with this year’s Higher Time. Their second album is a breakout moment for the band as a whole and for vocalist Laura Dolan, who stands tall in the spotlight throughout “Evil,” “Misery Keeper.” The album as a whole rises to the occasion of having a fuller, bigger stoner rock sound and meeting the memorable riffing of Laura’s husband and guitarist Ross Dolan who plows head on with quickly stuck in your head hooks and a fiery, passionate delivery.
Peter Hook & The Light – Nov. 25 at The Trocadero
Although he’s no longer a part of the band he co-founded, New Order, bassist Peter Hook is hardly resting on his laurels. He has been touring for the past couple years on both Joy Division and New Order releases respectively, but this time around might be the most exciting as he’s doing Substance – the name of the greatest hits for both bands. Tracks like “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Blue Monday” and the dance club hit “True Faith” have been given a fresh sheen by Hook – who also sings all the tracks live.
The Sounds – Nov. 25 at Union Transfer
Sweden has been a hotbed of music in recent years, and one of the best acts to come out of the country is The Sounds. Their indie-rock leanings tinged with razor sharp pop is reliably catchy, due in no small part to the fiery vocals of frontwoman Maja Ivarsson. Never is it more apparent than on their second album, 2006’s Dying to Say This To You. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the record, the band will be performing it in full, along with some of their other hits.
Dinosaur Jr. – Nov. 26 at Union Transfer
Dinosaur Jr. is now widely recognized as one of the most significant American rock bands of all time; the sound they pioneered in the late-80s having lasted through the past two decades. Preceding Nirvana by several years, they were instrumental in bringing the crashing sounds of lead guitar back to indie rock. It wasn’t just their signature metallic haze that made an impression on listeners; their effects-laden guitars were wrapped around some of the best songwriting of the decade. This summer, the band released their 11th album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, and with across the board positive reviews, it’s clear they’re still delivering the goods.
LoCash – Nov. 26 at Theatre of Living Arts
Since forming in 2004, the duo of Preston Brust and Chris Lucas have enjoyed hit singles, sold-out concert appearances here and abroad, and have tasted the top of the chart as two of Nashville’s quickest-rising songwriters. Better known as LoCash – formerly The LoCash Cowboys – the two made a presence at radio with such records as the feel-good anthem of “Here Comes Summer,” and the tender emotions of “Keep In Mind.” Shortening their name, there is an underlying current of new and exciting energy, but the music is the same style their fans have come to know. This past June the pair released their third album and first under the new moniker dubbed The Fighters.
PnB Rock – Nov. 26 at The Trocadero
PnB Rock hails from Pastorius and Baynton Streets in Germantown, which is where he found the “P” and “B” in his name. That’s also where he found himself in a bit of trouble. When he was 13 years old, he got sent away to a youth detention program for fighting in school and committing robberies. When Rock turned 19, he was sent to prison, and it was there where he learned to blend calming melodies with hard street stories. The rising singer/songwriter explored his musical side; a side which was fueled by his mother’s massive CD collection which included albums from the Temptations as well as 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z among others. Rock’s loyal following had propelled him way past his native Philly blocks. It was enough to earn the attention of a number of major labels, including Atlantic Records, where he signed and released RNB3: Rockadelphia last year.

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