You know you’re from Norristown when…

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If you’re a local to Norristown then there’s a few things you know that resonate specifically with the area. Here’s our list:

  1. When you have to explain tomato pie.
  2. When you have to explain how to make a zep at Subway.
  3. When the local groundhog, Nora, can track the weather better than Punxsutawney Phil.
  4. When someone asks about the time a lion bit off a guy’s arm.
  5. When you just assume every town has its own zoo.
  6. When you refer to the shopping mecca in King of Prussia as “the plaza” and the one in Plymouth Meeting as “the mall.”
  7. When you don’t question why there’s a North End, East End, West End but no South End.
  8. When a heated argument debates the pronunciation of the word “creek” — should it rhyme with “pick” or “peek?”
  9. When the same heated argument applies to Fornance Street — FORnance or FIRnance? — and the Roosevelt School — ROSEvelt or ROOSEvelt?
  10. When you shorten contractions — isn’t it becomes “init,” didn’t it becomes “dint” and weren’t becomes “wernt.”
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