Buckcherry — some things to know

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Buckcherry is all about “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” At least according to the title of its most recent album.
And that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the Los Angeles quintet, which has been going at it hard and hard rockin’ since it’s 1999 debut album — a gold disc that launched the hit “Lit Up.” Amidst a few lineup changes, frontman Josh Todd and company have kept things rolling and rowdy, with an eye on 2017 for Buckcherry’s next album.
With an appearance as part of Monster Energy Rock Allegiance on Sept. 17, here’s two things to know about the current state of Buckcherry…
• The follow-up to “Rock ‘n’ Roll” is already in motion. “Yeah, we’re planning to have another record next year,” Todd says. “We’ve got some songs already written; I’d say we’ve got about half the record done. It’s gonna be a rock record — big shocker there, right? It’s not a conceptual record or anything like that, but we’ve been together a long time and we’re evolving as songwriters. We’re just trying to make the best record we can.”

Buckcherry Photo courtesy of F-Bomb Records

Photo courtesy of F-Bomb Records

• The 15th anniversary of Buckcherry’s second album, “Time Bomb,” is bittersweet for the band. “That’s the long list record,” Todd notes. “There’s a lot of people that don’t even know that record exists. I love that record. I remember we went right in after the first record and we really loved it, and then we had some battles with our record company. They wanted us to put out a cover song, and we were like, ‘Hey, listen, if you don’t like the record we can keep writing songs. But we don’t want to put out a cover. We want to put out our own music.’ They finally green-lit it but didn’t do anything to promote it, which was a heartbreak for us. I’ve learned so much about the business since then that I wish I knew back then.”

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