Lansdale filmmakers say, ‘Let’s Have an Adventure!’

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By Brian Bingaman
@brianbingaman on Twitter

“It’s like ‘Thelma and Louise’ … but with a robot,” goes the tag line on Greg Poppa’s Indiegogo page.
The Lansdale resident and his friend-since-high-school, Diego Brazzo, are building momentum for an independent, crowdfunded feature-length film, titled “Let’s Have an Adventure!,” which offers commentary on both mental illness and the struggle to find one’s place in the world.

Filmmaker Greg Poppa and Jesse, a robot toy from the 1980s that's an important part of an in-the-works independent film.

Filmmaker Greg Poppa and Jesse, a robot toy from the 1980s that’s an important part of an in-the-works independent film.

Check out a mock trailer — featuring recognizable locations like Round Guys Brewing Co. and Green Lane Park — at www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-have-an-adventure# or www.facebook.com/adventureflick.
The plot revolves around Terrence, a college student with no idea what he wants to do, and his girlfriend, Lauren, who has escaped from a mental hospital. “The character Terrence, he suffers a nervous breakdown, and he’s able to talk to the robot,” said Poppa, a graduate of West Chester University. “He talks him into having an adventure.”
The attention-grabbing robot star, “Jesse,” is a circa-1984, remote-control, cassette-programmed Omnibot 2000 manufactured by Tomy Toys. “He was the high-end model (robot toy) for rich kids. Even for today, he’s pretty advanced,” Brazzo said.
We have taken Jesse to comic con events. He’s received a lot of attention there. We’ll go to the bar and bring him with us.”
Check out where else Jesse has been on Twitter: @Adventureflick.
Brazzo, a 2010 Souderton Area High School grad with a film degree from Full Sail University, is directing “Let’s Have an Adventure!,” which was written by Poppa. The duo have also made two short films together.
Strangely, for a good part of the story, Jesse is non-functional. Brazzo said, “When our character, Terrence, first gets him, the battery dies.”
Besides “Thelma and Louise,” Brazzo likened the story line to “The Blues Brothers,” where “the characters find themselves in trouble every place they go” and the peril escalates.
So far $1,100 has been pledged toward the $7,500 goal being budgeted for securing locations and distribution to film festivals, travel expenses and feeding the cast and crew.
Poppa and Brazzo, a Harleysville resident, said that they’ll be needing extras for crowd scenes, and invited anyone interested in participating to email adventureflick@gmail.com.
Their goal is to have a rough cut of the film by the end of the year.

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