Elmwood Park Zoo welcomes two new baby porcupines; you can have a chance at naming them

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NORRISTOWN – Elmwood Park Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of two North American porcupines (porcupettes) to females Ivanna and Lola. Ivanna’s porcupette was born in the early morning hours on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. Lola’s offspring arrived around 2 a.m. on Sunday, April 10, 2016. Both porcupettes are healthy and available to be seen by guests in their exhibit.

Both Ivanna and Lola gave birth to males. The zoo’s only adult male North American porcupine Spork is the father of both porcupettes. Both babies weighed just over one pound upon birth and are growing daily. At birth, a porcupine’s quills are soft but begin to harden and grow as the baby matures.

The zoo is holding a contest to choose the names of both porcupettes. Guests can leave their suggestions in the comments of our announcement on Facebook or email their suggestions to contest@elmwoodparkzoo.org. Zoo staff will choose the winning names. Entries must be received by Friday, April 22 at 4 PM.

This is the third baby for Ivanna and Spork. Their first offspring Guinness was born in 2014 and he now resides at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI. Their second child Khaleesi was born in 2015 and she is now an educational ambassador for the zoo. This is Lola’s first porcupette at Elmwood Park Zoo.

North American porcupines are herbivores and eat leaves, twigs, and green plants. Female porcupines have a gestation period that lasts for 210 days and typically give birth to just one offspring. Their conservation status is of least concern.

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