Vance Joy gets a bump from Taylor Swift tour

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Vance Joy had a big hit — “Riptide” — before he went on tour with Taylor Swift last year.
But the Australian signer-songwriter is also reaping benefits from being associated with Swift and her massive worldwide following.
“I think there’s probably an injection of people, yeah,” Joy — real name James Geogh — says by phone from a tour stop in Dallas. “I think there are some new people coming to the show, maybe a couple of rows of people. They might be Taylor Swift fans. They might be younger or however you identify them.
“I think it definitely helps. There’s probably a mixture now. That’s what was cool to do the Taylor Swift tour and open yourself up to, I guess, other people, and it’s cool to see people actually responding to your music and embracing it.” Joy performs a sold-out concert at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on March 28.
Joy, 28 — who was a well-known Australian rules football player before his music career took off, hit No. 1 at home with his 2014 debut album, “Dream Your Life Away,” which has also gone gold in the U.S. He followed with a deluxe edition of the set last fall, primarily as a vehicle for two new songs he wrote, “Fire and the Flood” and “Straight Into Your Arms,” that he didn’t want to hold onto until it was time for his next album.
“We were sitting on them for a few months before we recorded them, and I guess you could sit on them and say, ‘Oh, let’s keep it in our pocket for the next album,’” Joy explains. “But it really injected some life into our set to have a couple new songs to play and some new content to give the people.
“They came along at the right time. It’s just given me some faith that things just happen when they need to happen.”
Joy also hopes it will tide fans over until that second album is ready. He’s looking forward to making it, but also isn’t hurrying the process.
“I think it’s still a little way off,” he says. “My mind has been on that for a while. I’ve got a few ideas, kind of finishing some songs. The goal is to just follow up and put some more music out and be proud of it and do the same thing again.
“When I finish this tour I’m going to sit down and put the light on and see what I’ve got and put it on the table and see what I’ve got to work with, and we’ll go from there.”

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