The Security Project — keeping the musical legacy of Peter Gabriel alive

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Founded by former Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, “The Security Project” brings to life the early works of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Peter Gabriel.
Featuring Marotta (drums & percussion), Trey Gunn (guitar and backing vocals), Brian Cummins (lead vocals), Michael Cozzi (guitars and backing vocals) and David Jameson (keyboards and Eigenharp), the Security Project delivers flawless performances of Gabriel’s first five albums leading up to his “So” release.
Initially concerned about being labeled as a mere Gabriel Tribute band, Marotta (who played with Gabriel from 1977 through 1986) experienced a renewed enthusiasm after revisiting Gabriel’s early self-titled releases as well as the “Security” album.

What: The Security Project
Where: Sellersville Theater, 24 West Temple Ave., Sellersville.
Where: Concert is set for 8 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 5.
Info.: For tickets and information, call (215) 257-5808 or check www.st94.com. To stay up to date with The Security Project visit www.securityprojectband.com.

“Once we got into it,” recalls Marotta, “I started listening to this music I hadn’t listened to in many, many years. A lot of the stuff that was on “The Security” record is remarkable and it’s so unusual. I just started realizing, ‘I don’t care what you call this. You can call it what you want.’ The band is so good, and everybody in the band is so good at what they do and the music is phenomenal.”
“When you go see Peter now, he isn’t really doing much of this material,” adds Marotta. “He became famous for the record “So” and the album’s hits “Sledgehammer,” “Big Time” and “Don’t Give Up.” That stuff for me and for many fans isn’t really his best work. His earlier music really deserves to be played more. The fans that come to the shows, you can just see and feel it. In talking to them, that’s how they learned about Peter Gabriel and they want to hear those songs.”
Committed to the rich musical legacy of Peter Gabriel, Marotta and his band mates emphasize the roll the Security Project plays in keeping with the original Gabriel sound.
“The real success of the Security Project is going to be based on people who come to see the band,” says Marotta. “We are very true to the sound. How do you reinvent “Rhythm of the Heat? How do you reinvent some of these songs? They are classic. How different can you make them? We do what we can, but we also don’t want to make it sound goofy.”

Jerry Marotta and The Security Project. Submitted photo

Jerry Marotta and The Security Project.
Submitted photo

The live shows have included such Gabriel gems as “The Rhythm of the Heat,” “On The Air,” “San Jacinto,” “Here Comes the Flood,” “D.I.Y.,” “No Self Control,” “I Have the Touch,” “Intruder,” “The Family & The Fishing Net” and “Wallflower,” along with the occasional classic from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.”
“We didn’t want anybody to think we were just trying to ride on Peter’s coattails,” says Marotta. “We’re no cover band; that’s for sure! We are out there playing this music and doing it really well. There are times where I would sit down and look at “Rhythm of the Heat” and I would listen to the way we were doing it and I would listen to a live version when I was touring with Peter in the 70’s and 80’s and I would listen to a version of Peter playing it now. The Security Project plays that as well as we ever did in any version of Peter Gabriel. We will eventually incorporate more music from “So” and afterwards. I continue to hope and push for the time that we integrate original material into the show so that the Peter Gabriel things are part of what we do.”
“I would love for the Gabriel fans to go away hearing a song they didn’t know off an album that they didn’t own and realizing how great it is and maybe going out and buying another Peter Gabriel record,” adds Marotta. “I want people to walk away inspired, motivated, invigorated and encouraged about what they’ve heard.”

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