Home is where the heart is for MisterWives

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The OaklandPress/Digital First Media

The idea that a band that plays together stays together takes on new meaning when it comes to New York’s MisterWives. The band will be in Philly Nov. 4.

Three of the six alt.pop group’s members actually live together — singer Mandy Lee and bassist Will Hehir, who began cohabitating as the band was starting in 2012, and drummer Etienne Bowler. That’s a lot of togetherness, but Hehir says it works out, especially since their residence is far less cramped than the vehicles MisterWives uses on tour.

“I’m the sloppy one,” Heir, 27, confesses by phone from a tour stop in Minneapolis. “I’m particularly clean when it comes to common areas, but my room is very home — if your home is in Baghdad and got hit by a drone strike. It’s more like storage space, really.

MisterWives performs at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4 at The Fillmore Philadelphia. For ticket information, check http://www.misterwives.com/tour

“We’re all just like a weird bunch of people, which is good. Mandy’s a phenomenal cook, so she feeds us. She’s awesome. For some reason it works out; I don’t particularly know why, but it does, and gives us plenty of time to write music together.”

These days, of course, MisterWives spends the bulk of its time on the road, supporting its debut album, “Our Own House.” The set has spawned singles in the title track “Reflections,” which actually appeared on a 2014 EP, and on its headlining tour Hehir says the group is happy to be playing bigger places and seeing that these bigger crowds are more familiar with the music.

“It couldn’t be going better, man,” Hehir says. “We’re absolutely having a blast, day in and day out. People have been incredibly receptive to everything, and you can see they know the words to all the songs, even the ones that aren’t singles, so that’s great.

“And there’s a lot of venues we’re playing. … Like in Minneapolis we played the 7th St. Entry, which is the little room in this club called First Avenue. I remember looking in the big room and thinking, ‘Who the hell plays in a place like this?’ and now we are. It’s like that all over, so we’re pretty stoked, y’know?”

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