Area pastry chef creates beer-inspired desserts for Round Guys Brewing in Lansdale

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Owner of Round Guys Brewing Company and Pub Scott Rudich is always looking to bring new products to his clients, and this past summer, his main focus was on sweet pairings for his beers.
“We wanted to do something dessert-wise,” said Rudich.
Rudick is also passionate about partnering with local businesses and entrepreneurs, which led him to inquire about a partnership with local pastry chef Victoria Shelly.
“If we have someone who wants to work with us, we are always eager to incorporate someone from the community,” said Rudich.
By teaming up with one another, both the staff of Round Guys and Shelly have added products to the brewery’s menu that grew in popularity throughout the summer season.

Round Guys Brewing Co. owner Scott Rudich and pastry chef Victoria Shelly with some of  Shelly's creations --"Amateur Hour Cheescake" with a "Sanctify Blueberry Shortcake" and Scott shows brews "Fiddlers Green Stout" and the "Not Been Kiss Off IPA" at the brewery in Lansdale. Photo by Mark C. Psoras

Round Guys Brewing Co. owner Scott Rudich and pastry chef Victoria Shelly with some of Shelly’s creations –“Amateur Hour Cheescake” with a “Sanctify Blueberry Shortcake” and Scott shows brews “Fiddlers Green Stout” and the “Not Been Kiss Off IPA” at the brewery in Lansdale.
Photo by Mark C. Psoras

According to Rudich, partnering with Shelly was a “natural” decision when deciding to add seasonal desserts to their menu.
“We give her carte blanche,” said Rudich. “We give her the beers, and she comes up with the ideas.”
Shelly had worked for the former Station Café in the summer when she began making the desserts for Round Guys, but now, she is working independently.
During the season, Shelly created six desserts using six different brews of beers from Round Guys.
“Each of the desserts has their own beer highly featured in (the recipe),” said Shelly. “There are six different brewing styles used for six different dessert styles.”
The desserts included a blueberry shortcake made with a blueberry-flavored beer, lemon merengue pie made with BerlinerWeisster, raspberry hand pie infused with Fear of the Brett Planet, cheesecake made with Amateur Hour, caramel corn infused with Two Step Wit, and a Sundown Saison-infused crème brulee.
“Creating takes skill, technique, and a little bit of creativity, and all of the desserts are really down to earth,” Shelly said about the recipes. “Some of came from tasting the beers and having certain flavors in my head.”
As the summer ends, the only dessert that will be discontinued is the raspberry hand pie.
According to Shelly and Rudich, the crowd favorite so far has been the cheesecake, which is made with a stout beer.
“People have been loving it,” said Shelly. “I’ll be at the farmers market and someone will say, ‘We were at Round Guys and everyone is talking about your cheesecake.’”
Rudich has also noticed that his customers are enjoying the desserts.
“It’s been wonderful to have because they complement our beers so well,” said Rudich.
During the fall season, Shelly hopes to create original seasonal recipes that will reflect the beers that the brewery will offer.
“When winter and fall [come] along, we will probably shift flavors,” said Shelly.
According to Shelly, it is important for local businesses to form partnerships with local entrepreneurs for continued support and originality.
“(Businesses) create a sense of community when the support each other,” said Shelly. “(Partnerships) provide support for small businesses that you aren’t going to get anywhere else.”
For more information on Round Guys, visit www.roundguysbrewery.com.

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