BOOK REVIEW: New thriller set in the Poconos

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“The Secrets of Lake Road” by Karen Katchur, is a gripping and heartbreaking story about a group of teens that spend their summers at a lakeside community in the Poconos, when a tragic drowning occurs to one of the boyfriends.
They return every summer with their own families, with one, consumed by the secret guilt that she is responsible for her boyfriend’s drowning years before.
When there is another possible drowning at the lake, search teams recover bones believed to be that of the teen boy that drowned years before, opening up more questions for the communities sheriff.
You won’t want to put this book down. It will keep you riveted to the pages and your imagination will have you going in all directions as you read on.
If you likes suspense stories, this book is for you.

"The Secrets of Lake Road" by Karen Katchur.

“The Secrets of Lake Road” by Karen Katchur.

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