Bethlehem’s Sands Events Center to present comedy show with Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias

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Referred to by his fans simply as “Fluffy,” Hawaiian shirt-wearing, animated, storytelling funny man Gabriel Iglesias takes the stage at the Sands Events Center Sept. 3.
His specials “I’m Not Fat … I’m Fluffy” and “Hot and Fluffy,” as well as the two-part Comedy Central special “Aloha Fluffy,” have made him internationally famous.
Iglesias answered a couple questions by email about everything from movie and TV appearances, to performing in countries he’s never visited, to his Twitter account @fluffyguy:
So Channing Tatum persuaded you to reprise your “Magic Mike” role (Tobias) for “Magic Mike XXL?” What was that experience like?
It was a lot of fun being with that group of guys. All the females in my life were very jealous.
About how much time each day do you devote to your social media accounts?
I never really counted … probably one to two hours a day. I love being in touch with my fans.
Who am I kidding? I tweet ALL DAY LONG.
Long ago you had tweeted that you were going to be more conscious of your health. How’s that going?
It’s going well. I’m working on a new TV show that talks about eating while I’m on the road, and then trying to work out to work off that meal. I’m exercising with my trainer three times a week and doing my best to eat better.
What’s the status and future of “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution” on Comedy Central?

Gabriel Iglesias Courtesy photo

Gabriel Iglesias
Courtesy photo

Right now, there are no plans for a fourth season.
Your comedy introduced the world to your good friend Martin Moreno. You are the same whether you’re on stage or talking to someone face to face. So is Martin the same, or different, in real life as he is on stage?
Martin is the same on stage as he is in real life. You can’t make that stuff up.
Is it strange to you that people in Iceland and Finland want to see you? On your specials, you put some local humor into the show. Will you do that when you visit those countries? How about for your Bethlehem appearance on Sept. 3?
It is still strange to travel to foreign countries and be so well received. To that, I say a big THANK YOU to YouTube and Facebook. When I visit other countries I try to get a feel for their culture, or at the very least learn some local references. The same might apply for Bethlehem … you will have to come to the show to find out!
Other than that one weird-but-funny incident of ethnic profiling that happened to you at an audition — the one you talked about on one of your specials — how do you like doing animation voiceover work (With an uncanny talent for mimicry, character voices and sound effects, Iglesias’ credits include “The Nut Job” and Disney’s “Planes”)? Is it as physically demanding for you as doing stand-up?
I love doing voiceover work! It is not as physically demanding as doing stand-up. You sit in a booth with headphones and read lines a bunch of different ways.
How do you feel about ABC canceling the sitcom “Cristela?” Would you do a series like that again?
I had a lot of fun on the set of “Cristela.” I learned a lot and met great people. I would not be opposed to doing a TV series again, as long as it made sense with my touring schedule. For me, stand-up comedy comes first.
Without giving too much away, what are some things you’ll talk about during the show?
In my current tour, I talk about the repercussions of my past jokes and how they have come back to bite me.
Do you prefer speaking English or Spanish, or does it not really matter (The California-born Iglesias often refers to his Mexican-American heritage in his act)?
I perform and communicate in English, and my Spanish is not that strong, unless I’m ordering from a Mexican restaurant.
Your website (www.fluffyguy.com) and your Twitter indicate that you do a ton of interviews. Do the questions get repetitive?
Yes, I do … and yes the questions get repetitive.


What: Gabriel Iglesias in concert.
When: 8 p.m. Sept. 3.
Where: The Sands Events Center, 77 Sands Blvd., Bethlehem.
Tickets: $45 and $65.
Info.: Call (610) 297-7414 or visit www.sandseventcenter.com.

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