Side “Projet” for Montgomery County guitarist leads to joining Candlebox

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The summer just really heated up for King of Prussia resident Brian Quinn, a prominent figure in the Conshohocken live music scene.
The Philadelphia Music Award-winning guitarist in the bands Octane and Fosterchild was coaxed by buddy (and one-time Warner Brothers Records labelmate) Kevin Martin, singer of ‘90s alternative rock stars Candlebox (“Far Behind,” “You,” “Cover Me”), to participate in a musical side project that has the makings of a supergroup.
In a statement, Martin said of Quinn: “When I first met Brian, I remember saying to him, ‘If I ever start another side project or any other musical venture, you’re the first person I’m calling to find me a guitar player.’ After the laughter died down, I told him that we’d definitely be working together someday soon.”
The name of it is Le Projet (The Project), and features Adam Kury from Candlebox, Morgan Rose from Sevendust and Lenny Cerzosie from The Infinite Staircase. The singles Le Projet has made available on all major online retailers include “Head Down,” “Save Yourself” and “Refugee.” Visit www.leprojetband.com, and check out the new band’s Facebook, Twitter @LeProjetBand, YouTube and Instagram.

When asked if Le Projet’s sound has noticeable sound elements from its members other bands, Quinn said yes. “There’s great guitars and soaring vocal melodies. I come from more of a blues angle. Lenny comes from more of a metal-based angle. Sevendust, to say the least, is a unique band. Candlebox is a great rock ‘n’ roll band,” he said.
However, Le Projet has had to put the songs they were developing on hold because of Candlebox. That band recently announced that Quinn will be taking the place of long-time guitarist Peter Klett (Word is Klett and Candlebox drummer Scott Mercado want to dedicate time to their other band, Lotus Crush, and other side projects of their own) as they hit the road for a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the gold-selling second Candlebox album “Lucy.” The tour kicked off July 23 in Lake Charles, La., and has shows booked into September.
“When I was in Fosterchild, we opened for them. (Martin) really tried to help us out. Any situation I can be in with Kevin Martin, I’m going to gravitate to. With the history they have, I’m just thrilled to do it,” Quinn said, also referring to Candlebox’s quadruple-platinum debut album.
The tour has interrupted an in-progress full-length album by Le Projet, which Quinn said could see release in early winter because of the group’s quick-paced creative process. “The great part about Le Projet is we don’t have a set timetable,” he said. When asked if Le Projet had any plans to play live, he said that was still “a little ways off.”
For more, check out www.candleboxrocks.com and www.brianquinnguitar.com.

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