Wild Adriatic’s East Coast tour brings them back to Sellersville

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“The notion of us growing very rapidly is funny to me,” said “Wild Adriatic” drummer Mateo Vosganian, while on tour in Toledo, Ohio. “We aren’t big by any means, but we are working on making a name for ourselves.”
In the nearly four years since Wild Adriatic (also featuring Travis Gray (vocals/ guitar) and Rich Derbyshire (bass)) have been a band, their focus has been targeted toward their live show.
“Our whole approach is about connecting with people,” said Vosganian. ”This year, we’ll probably be on the road 235 days playing 150, 175 shows. All we know how to do is go out and play music. I feel that’s a bit more of an old school approach. We’re not focused on radio. We’re not focused on trying to make a quick buck and get a million likes on Facebook. We’re trying to steadily grow our career over years.”
“We try to maintain a high level of energy, especially live,” Vosganian said. “You pay admission to go see a band play, and people just end up standing there on their phones or talking or drinking, and that’s all well and good, but at the end of the day we’re all there to have fun together and celebrate something. So, we like to try to bring that energy to them.”

Following in the tradition of the great bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Free and Grand Funk Railroad, Wild Adriatic earned praise early on from Rolling Stone, USA Today, Relix and Guitar World.
“Our parents raised us listening to Zeppelin and Queen and a lot of great music,” said Vosganian. “Once we got into our high school, early college years, we found the music again. Finding Led Zeppelin on your own is a little different than your dad telling you Led Zeppelin is the best rock group ever. That led us to keep exploring it and figure it out.”
“I think we’re an honest representation of ourselves,” said Vosganian. “Our music is exactly the kind of music we want to be writing. Our stage persona is exactly how we want to play music live. We’re never holding back. We’re very true to ourselves and to our audience. We’re just an honest rock and roll band.”

Wild Adriatic Submitted photo

Wild Adriatic
Submitted photo

Releasing their debut album, “Big Suspicious,” in 2014, Wild Adriatic became a touring machine. They’ve performed in front of thousands of people at SXSW, moe.down, Gathering of the Vibes, Summer Camp, CMJ and this year’s Bonnaroo Festival.
Blanketing the U.S. as well as performing abroad, the band has opened for Grand Funk Railroad, Robert Randolph, Blues Traveler, Deer Tick and Mute Mouth, among others.
Based out of Queensbury, New York, this high-energy power trio is rapidly building a fan base as well as critical acclaim. Their latest five song EP release, “Never Enough,” featuring the single “Strange Persuasions,” debuted at this year’s SXSW in Austin, where they officially kicked off their 2015 concert tour.
“We love making records, and we love playing live, but live is where we’ve become a real band,” said Vosganian. ”In the studio, it’s easier to make things sound awesome. I feel like we’re trying to take the approach, ‘Let’s try to get closer to what we sound like live.’ I want it to feel like people are in the room with us listening to the band, and that’s how we produce things. I hope we don’t sound just like the 70’s. I think we have a modern approach to what we do musically.”
“We’re working really hard, not only at staying on the road and connecting with people, but at getting better at music,” said Vosganian. “I feel like it has taken us a little while to find our stride and sort of doing that on the road in front of people, in the public eye, has made us very anxious and we’ve stepped it up a lot. People have watched us grow, and people have grown with us. We’re very, very lucky.”
“We’ve seen a lot of growth, especially in the last six months,” continues Vosganian. “It’s really important to us to put on a show and make people get their money’s worth. We want to make sure they have a good time. If they like the music, they’ll tell their friends. We go out there and do our job every time.”


What: Wild Adriatic
Where: Sellersville Theater, 24 W. Temple Ave.,
When: Concert is at 8 p.m. on Thursday July 16
Tickets: Call (215) 257-5808 or check at www.st94.com.
Info.: To stay up to date with Wild Adriatic visit www.wildadriatic.com.

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