Here’s a look at some upcoming concerts

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Welcome to “Seven in Seven,” where each Friday we’ll be taking a look at shows coming to the region over the next week. Whether your musical tastes are rock and roll, jazz, heavy metal, singer-songwriter or indie, there’ll always be something to check out in the coming days.

Here are seven of the best for the week beginning June 19:

Firefly Music Festival – June 19 – 21 at The Woodlands in Dover, DE

In just four short years, the Firefly Music Festival has become a premier destination music festival for the east coast.  Having announced earlier in the week that it the event has sold out, it’s easy to see why, with acts large and small covering six stages over four days. Sylvan Esso, Run the Jewels, Matt & Kim, Paul McCartney and The Killers are just a few names on an absolutely stacked bill. IF for some reason you didn’t pick up tickets, tsk-tsk, but there is an alternative – www.axs.tv will be streaming some of the performances, including Manchester Orchestra, Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon.

Soul Asylum with Meat Puppets – June 19 at Underground Arts

The approach of summer means many things, one of them being nostalgia filling the air in the form of bands from the 90s hooking up to spread some music from the days of yore. This week’s edition features Minneapolis pop-punkers Soul Asylum and the supremely influential Meat Puppets, who among others, were considered musical icons to Nirvana. And while both bands got their start in the 80s, it was the following decade where they finally received some long overdue praise.

Sponge – June 20 at Coda

Speaking of the 90s, one of those bands from that period who never got their just due was Sponge. Lumped in unfairly with the second tier grunge scene because of songs like “Plowed” and “Molly,” the disappeared from view faster than you can say “Candlebox.” It’s a shame because despite some unfortunate lineup changes, there was still some solid music to be heard as the years have gone on. Thankfully they’re still active as a touring unit and seeing them in a space as small as Coda will be quite the treat.

Third Eye Blind with Dashboard Confessional – June 20 at Festival Pier

This is somewhat of an odd bill on paper. Dashboard Confessional has some of the most passionate and dedicated fans around, and after a five year long hiatus, it seems strange that they would link up with a band primarily known for pop hits like “Jumper” and “Semi-Charmed Life.” The likely reason is because both bands came up around the same time, right before the garage rock revival that would leave so many artists adrift. If not for such a strong connection with their respective audiences, they could’ve become victims too. And while Dashboard wins the heart-on-the-sleeve award when it comes to relationship bemoaning in their lyrics, Third Eye Blind is no slouch in that department; check out “How It’s Going to Be” and “Motorcycle Drive By” for some gut wrenching lyrics.

Morrissey – June 20 at The Academy of Music

For those unlucky enough to miss the Minister of Mope at Firefly on Friday, Morrissey will be performing an encore set at the Academy of Music the following night. Always a nice mixture of theater and heartfelt sincerity, the former Smiths frontman rarely fails to deliver in concert – when he shows up. Recent years have been an erratic mess of cancellations, postponements and endless disappointment. And while it will be more than worth it if the show comes to pass, make sure to check ahead before heading into town.

Paul McCartney – June 21 at Wells Fargo Center

In the same vein as Morrissey, the legendary Paul McCartney is doing a post-Firefly solo show in the region as well, this one two days after his Friday night headlining slot. Macca’s shows are always a can’t miss event, even though he constantly is on the road dropping classics from The Beatles, Wings and his solo efforts, he is rarely in the area. His last time in Philadelphia was for a doubleheader in the summer of 2010. Expect nothing less than a near three hour show designed to entertain and delight. 




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