After learning about Bethlehem’s beer history, you can taste it too

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It’s no secret that the Founding Fathers enjoyed hoisting a tankard, and even brewing their own beer.
Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites’ new exhibit “Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled” comes with a bonus — a monthly “Meet the Brewer” program.
What’s that about?
Each month, meet with the exhibit’s guest curator and beer historian Chris Bowen for complimentary tasting of homemade colonial-style brews, plus tidbits about colonial American history and brewing techniques. There’s also a tour of “Bethlehem Brewed & Distilled” involved.BBD PR Picture 4
Where is this?
The 1810 Goundie House at 505 Main St., Bethlehem. For Meet the Brewer, you have to enter the historic site from another location.
I presume you have to be 21. How much is it?
Tickets are $20 and space is limited to 20 guests per program time. You’ll need a valid photo ID.
What about the exhibit?
It’s “semi-permanent” and open Tuesdays through Sundays with tours at noon and 2 p.m. The Goundie House was the home of John Sebastian Goundie, a prominent early 19th century Bethlehem resident, whose prominence may have been in part that he was the community’s first brewer. You’ll learn about him, the history of beer in Bethlehem and even about women’s roles in the brewing process. Purchase tickets to the exhibit at www.historicbethlehem.org or by calling (800) 360-TOUR. Check the website for offers to combine your visit with an Old Bethlehem Walking Tour.
What’s Historic Bethlehem?
Bringing together three centuries of American history, Historic Bethlehem is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and a National Historic Landmark district. For more information, call (800) 360-TOUR or visit www.HistoricBethlehem.org.

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