Sharing ‘my wine philosophy’

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When I began writing this column 22 summers ago, it was my intention to introduce readers to affordable wines and provide them with some background information and explain how the wines were made. Within six months I was co-hosting a daily wine feature on WFLN, and within the year I was presenting four wine features on WHYY TV every Saturday between the afternoon’s banquet of cooking shows. I was also developing my “Wine-tertainment” events. That’s when I discovered that the world of wine could be shared with an audience in such a way that even people who had absolutely no interest in the subject might just listen to me and watch me and read me and attend my events. Rather than giving myself the very defined parameters of the traditional wine approach, I decided it was time to give it my own spin and incorporate humor, anecdotes, experiences and tips and, of course, recommend wines when I came across products I felt offered amazing wine-making skills at a price of $10 or less. And that is how my entire multimedia career began.

Phillip Silverstone is shown with Stephanie Bohn, dining room captain at Morton’s The Steakhouse in King of Prussia. Photo by Linda Silverstone

Phillip Silverstone is shown with Stephanie Bohn, dining room captain at Morton’s The Steakhouse in King of Prussia.
Photo by Linda Silverstone

People still have a preconceived notion that a man with a (now fading) British accent talking about wine will be the equivalent of sitting on a stool in a freshly painted room and doing nothing more than watching the paint dry. It still gives me enormous satisfaction when standing in front of a group of people at one of my wine “performances” to watch many of them clearly relax in the first five minutes, after I tell them my wine philosophy: never spend more than $10 on a bottle of wine, chill the reds, add ice cubes to wine if it makes it more enjoyable for you and drink whatever wine you want with whatever food you enjoy drinking it with. They immediately get it. They have found a man who speaks his mind with self-deprecating humor, especially when telling his wine stories. And a man who obviously doesn’t give a Chardonnay about ruffling the feathers of those who have a traditional, staid and reverential approach to wine. I have attracted a devoted following of both wine lovers and people who simply enjoy me meandering through the wine world each week.
I wanted to remind old friends and new friends who I am and what I do. And, by the way, next week I will begin an extensive review of summer wines worth taking to the seaside or chilling (even the reds) by the barbecue.
Finally, last week I attended a reception at Morton’s The Steakhouse as they unveiled a fresh and modern remodel at their location in the King of Prussia Mall. Updated with a sleek design incorporating a modern take on the traditional Morton’s The Steakhouse look, the space has a fresh, new ambiance with a modern feel, offering guests the ultimate upscale dining experience. In addition to new carpet, artwork, booths, seating and updated lighting, the restaurant also boasts a renovated bar that modernizes the space and incorporates the bar into the dining area. We sampled some fab lamb chops and shrimp and small roast beef sandwiches, and the Butter Block Chardonnay, exclusive to the restaurant, is alone well worth the visit. It was one of the best Chards I’ve tasted this year. The restaurant is at 640 West DeKalb Pike, King Of Prussia. For information, call (610) 491-1900.

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