Souderton guitarist has three upcoming shows in the area

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Souderton resident Todd Moyer has something special going on that gets his style of ‘80s-inspired Christian hard rock heard in non-church venues.
“God takes the credit. I just do the work. I wanted to try … a ministry that’s better for the secular market,” said Moyer, 49, who over the years has worked with ‘80s Christian rock legends Petra, Jennifer Batten — a guitarist best known for her work with Michael Jackson — and the Christian hard rock band Guardian.
May 31 at The Rusty Nail, 2580 Haverford Road, Ardmore, the Eddie Van Halen-influenced guitarist, will take the stage with TMB (Todd Moyer Band) as part of a “Guitar Masters Unite” bill featuring Jerry Elder, Vito, Radika, Marq Larose, Tony Stramalla and Paul Good. Cover is $8 with the music starting at 7:30 p.m.
“The owner — I don’t know where he stands on Christianity — but he liked it,” Moyer said of a TMB duo show he did at the Rusty Nail three years ago with a singer and some pre-recorded backing tracks.
Then at 8 p.m. June 16 at the Sellersville Theater, it’s a different configuration of Guitar Masters Unite with Moyer, Vito, Elder, Debbie Loftis and Buddy Blanch. Tickets are $15 and $25. Call (215) 257-5808 or see www.st94.com.

The Todd Moyer Band. Submitted photo

The Todd Moyer Band.
Submitted photo

Moyer’s brother, Ted, is pastor of Rock Community Church in Lower Salford, and at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 7 Moyer, Vito and another of his guitar shredding buddies, Rex Carroll of the band Whitecross, will turn up the decibels for a “The Master and the Musicians” concert at the church off Sumneytown Pike in the village of Vernfield (857 Main St., Harleysville).
While the Guitar Masters Unite concerts are not announced specifically as being Christian events, The Master and the Musicians — named after an album by Christian guitarist Phil Keaggy — is a more overtly religious experience.
“We play for the master, who is God and Christ, not under man,” said Moyer.
Looking forward to each of the upcoming area events, Moyer — who besides Van Halen and Keaggy, admires Joe Satriani, Living Colour, George Lynch of Dokken and Christian metal icons Stryper — called all of the guitarists involved “so underrated.”
“Their attitudes are great. We work together as a team,” he said.
Playing guitar since he was 16, Moyer’s TMB debut album will be released June 12 and is called “Flex Guitar.” The title, he said, refers to “the musical flexibility of guitar music,” as well as the physical flexing of the various parts of the instrument when he solos. “The strings coming off the neck are so flexible that it goes in all directions,” he added.
Tracks to check out include “Where Are All The Superheroes?” (which he co-wrote with his brother), “God’s Still in Business” and “Here I Am.”
Go to www.facebook.com/TMBForChrist.

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