‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Ep. 4: Barristan the Bold gets his due

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Spoiler Alert: The following recap contains spoilers up to and including Season 5, Episode 4 of “Game of Thrones.” If you have not watched the most recent episode, prepare to be spoiled!

Story written by Anthony J. Machcinski
amachcinski@ydr.com @ChinskiTweets on Twitter

In a show filled with brutal death scenes, Sir Barristan Selmy AKA Barristan the Boss (OK, I might have made that one up), might have gotten the best death scene of all.

Let’s set the picture. Grey Worm and his Unsullied bros are surrounded by the evil Sons of the Harpy. Ultimately, four Unsullied are killed before Grey Worm is left alone with 30 creepy Harpies – who are pretty much like better versions of Stormtroopers at this point.

Grey Worm does his best, taking out 10 in the first foray, but ultimately gets stabbed and all looks lost for the bro leader…

UNTIL BARRISTAN THE BOSS SHOWS UP!!! ***Cue the heroic music!!!***

Barristan, doing the “knight in not-so-shiny armor” routine, slays 16 members of the Harpy before receiving several slashes that take the glorious knight’s life.

Grey Worm passes out after the battle and might still be alive, so I’m not counting him dead yet.

All kidding aside, deaths like this rarely happen in “Game of Thrones.”

Every noble hero has died in the least noble way possible:

Ned Stark – decapitation
· Robb Stark – stabbed in the chest
· Catelyn Stark – throat slit
· Khal Drogo – suffocated in his sleep
· Oberyn Martell – skull crushed
· Jojen Reed – stabbed to death by a wight

All honorable people, all horrific deaths.

Not Barristan! He’s too boss for that gruesome death nonsense!

The show even trolled us when the Harpy was about to slice Barristan’s throat before Grey Worm makes the honorable save.

While Barristan’s death leaves a hole in this bro’s heart, it leaves a bigger hole in Daenerys’ quest to become Queen of Westeros.

He might have seemed like a secondary character, but Barristan’s importance to Daenerys’ cause can’t be understated. With Jorah banished, Barristan was Daenerys’ right hand man. She’s already making awful decisions in Meeren, and without Barristan, her only true guide is Daario Naharis – who is far more interested in her gold and her body than her ability to rule.

Daenerys still has a chance to take the Iron Throne, but she’ll need to find herself a new adviser. Could this open the door for Tyrion?

Quick hits

· It pays to be the Lord Commander, hey Jon?

Bronn and Jamie make for quite the pairing.

Bronn and Jamie make for quite the pairing. (HBO)

· By the way Jon, great choice on denying Melisandre. Outside of her lust to kill highborn men like Renly Baratheon and Gendry, it’s not like your last choice of a redhead worked out so well either.
· There’s an old saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” It seems that saying applies to Ellaria Sand, Oberyn Martel’s lover, who has now enlisted his children in a push for “war” against the Lannisters. And judging by Obara’s aim with a spear, it looks like the Lannisters might actually be in trouble on this one.
· I love Baelish explaining the Tournament at Harranhal. It’s a huge event that takes place before the series began that really kicked off King Robert’s successful rebellion for the throne. There’s not enough space here to explain the events, but click here for the details. The tournament gives a lot of context to why things happen in the first few seasons of the show. I’m just surprised show producers didn’t introduce it sooner.
· Cersei’s power play to get the High Sparrow and all the other crazies behind her is playing with fire. Even if you leave out the bit about her children born by incest, one of the crazies is Lancel – fresh with a new tattoo – who knows about her cheating on Robert with Jamie and her role in Robert’s death. Who says the judgement can’t come to her next?
· The Bronn and Jaime pairing continues to be great. Whether it’s Bronn’s little quips about the “two things Dornish like doing the most,” or the fighting against those same Dornish, how could you not love this pair? My favorite? After the fight when Jamie talks about being lucky, Bronn up the hill shouts “It’s a good thing you had such a good teacher.” Nice!
· “He murdered my father. If I ever see him again I’ll split him in two and then I’ll give him your regards.” That’s cold Jamie, but what did you think was going to happen when you released him?
· I can’t see King Tommen dying any time soon, but it’s true what Baelish says later in this episode, he’s too soft and right now, a little too whipped to effectively rule the kingdoms. Remember what Tywin told him about ruling, “A wise king knows what he knows and what he doesn’t… a wise young king listens to his council until he comes of age.” Tommen’s council continues to shrink with each member having their own motives. Tywin kept everyone in check, but after he died, it’s a free-for-all and Cersei’s wine-fueled rage is making Tommen’s rule a runaway freight train beginning to approach a sharp curve.
· How could you not enjoy the moment between Stannis Baratheon and his daughter Shireen? Stannis has come off as the coldest man in Westeros, and that’s not just because he’s in the North. The moment with Shireen shows his dedication to a cause and his inability to abandon the things that mean the most to him. Translate that to the Seven Kingdoms and you see how important that Iron Throne really is, and how he’s not going to let anyone get in his way. Hopefully this time he’ll actually get there!

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