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“The Flea Market Book for Vendors and Shoppers,” the Pennsylvania and New Jersey edition, by Manny Luftglass should be an equally interesting read for sellers and buyers alike.
Exploring 15 nearly year-round markets in Pennsylvania and 10 nearly year-round markets across the river in New Jersey, the book saves both shoppers and vendors an awful lot of aggravation if they are planning on visiting a flea market. Listings include hours, size, parking, restrooms, ATMs, contacts and all kinds of other necessary information.
For vendors just getting into the business (and seasoned sellers who aren’t so sure of this information), the book covers topics like insurance coverage, taxes, what you can and cannot sell (and why), and how (and where) to buy inventory at deep discounts.
Additionally, speaking from his years of experience in the flea market business, the author includes “seller beware” and “buyer beware” chapters as well as all kinds of things tips and “insider information” that buyers and sellers should know. The author also explains the many different types of flea markets (including how flea market got the strange name) and even gives tips on what one should and shouldn’t wear to market (leave the flipflops at home).Flea Market Book ALL-L-Flea Market Book
Both buyers and sellers can order the book for $9.99 (postage paid) by sending check, made payable to author Manny Luftglass to PO Box 556, Annandale, NJ 08801. The author will even autograph the copy. Or, the book can be ordered through Amazon.com or purchased in Barnes and Noble and other Pennsylvania independent book stores.
To contact the author and find out more information about the book, e-mail MannyFishing@msn.com.

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