Rockers dUg Pinnick and Corey Glover invade Sellersville Theater

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Both dUg Pinnick and Corey Glover have made their mark as two of the greatest voices in rock music. Pinnick is best known as the lead singer and bassist for the progressive/metal band King’s X. Glover is best known as the lead singer for the socially outspoken alternative/hard rockers Living Colour. Both bands formed in the 1980s, and though Living Colour took a five-year hiatus from 1995 to 2000, both bands are still recording and performing today.
Pinnick and Glover have led very similar lives and have known each other for years. King’s X and Living Colour even toured together. Both Pinnick and Glover have a number of projects outside their primary bands, and they both just put together new bands for their solo projects. Touring together sounded like a great idea, and they will be visiting Sellersville Theater on May 8.
In a phone interview from his home in Los Angeles, Pinnick first explained why he changed the spelling of his name from “Doug” to “dUg.”
“I think it’s because I like to draw and I’m a calligrapher,” said Pinnick. “One day I just took the little d and the big U and the little g, and it looked cool, so I just started doing it … and it turned into a habit (and) that’s what I’m called now. I just did it for fun. It’s not legally changed or anything like that.”
Pinnick then explained how the tour came about.
“(My) manager just said, ‘Hey, want to do a double bill with Corey Glover?’ I said, ‘Well, that makes sense … let’s do it!,’ and so I went for it,” said Pinnick.
Although Pinnick has recorded 5 solo albums, this will only be the second solo tour of his career. And once he agreed to do the tour he realized that he would need a band. He enlisted guitarist/vocalist Wally Farkas, who recorded on Pinnick’s solo album “Strum Sum Up” (Magna Carta, 2007) along with guitarist/vocalist Dane Sonnier and drummer/vocalist Keith Slack.
Glover, in an interview from his home in Hudson Valley, N.Y., said that this is a new band for him as well. It includes guitarist Joe Taylor, bassist Dave Bizzigotti and drummer Andrew “Juice” Davis IV.
“The band was sort of put together by the production team,” Glover said. “(They’re) a bunch of guys from south Jersey. And really, really good players. I’m very pleased with what they sound like so far (and) I feel like they’re gonna grow.
“The people I had previous to this — I had my own band at one point that worked on some of my solo records — and because they’re so good they all have jobs and they’ve since moved on. So I’m testing out this new band to see how it goes and see how it works and see how well we all gel, and I think this tour will give me an indication.”
Both Pinnick and Glover will be playing original material on the tour. Pinnick plans to play songs from all 5 of his solo albums.

Glover said “There’s some new material. There’s some stuff that we haven’t introduced to this band just yet. We’re gonna work on some of the stuff that’s on record at this point so I can get a chance to see where they’re at.”
At the time of this interview Glover said the band had done one gig and he “was very pleased with what we did and it made me want to do some more, so I think over time we’re probably gonna introduce some newer songs. And maybe even on the road if we’re so inspired we’ll probably come up with some other stuff, some newer things and just work from there.”
He added: “I think I have to (do some Living Colour songs),” he laughed. “I may or may not want to sometimes because I want to do other things but I can’t not do it. I have to play things that people know.”
The two also plan to perform a duet.
Both King’s X and Living Colour will be touring again later this year, and Living Colour will have a new album out this fall as well. But meanwhile, you can get your fix of Pinnick and Glover until then.
“I’m excited about it. It’s going to be a fun time. I think the both of us will have a good draw and it will be a fun night,” said Pinnick.
Glover added: “I’m a major, major fan of what (dUg) does and how he sings and his songwriting is amazing. I think we’ll work well together.”


What: dUg Pinnick (of King’s X) and Corey Glover (of Living Colour)
When: Concert is at 8 p.m. Friday, May 8; doors open at 7:30.
Where: Sellersville Theater 1894, 24 W. Temple Ave., Sellersville.
Tickets: $29.50 –$45.00 at www.st94.com
Artists’ websites: www.dugnation.net, www.reverbnation.com/coreyglover


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