Kim Russo, ‘The Happy Medium,’ appears Friday at the Colonial Theatre

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“Kim The Happy Medium” Russo, host and star of Lifetime Movie Network’s “The Haunting of” and “Psychic Intervention” will make an appearance at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville on Friday where she will connect the audience with the spirit world.
“It will be a demonstration of spirit communication,” Russo said. “The audience will watch the spirit world give me messages. As I walk through the crowd, the spirits will help me connect with the audience, telling me their deepest, darkest secrets. The energy pulls me through the crowd and I learn about the audience from the spirits. It’s as if the spirits are putting on a show through me.”
Russo’s experience with the supernatural world began during childhood, growing up in an old home on Long Island, New York. She started seeing spirits at age nine, but credits her gift with a near death experience that happened at age five.
“I’ve always been curious,” she said. “On Christmas Eve night I was playing under the tree and I pushed a pin in the electrical socket and was electrocuted. I didn’t realize until years later that that electrical charge was the beginning of my connection with the spirit world.”
As Russo began to research her abilities, she discovered that many mediums receive a significant electric shock before age 10. Throughout her childhood into her late teens, Russo said that she had regular contact with spirits and would often have her father check her room for ghosts at night.
As a child she knew that she was destined for great things, but she wasn’t sure what. She knew that she wanted to help people and that she would one day become famous, but she had no idea it would be because of her gift.

Kim Russo Submitted photo

Kim Russo
Submitted photo

“My parents humored me, but I was raised in a household where you were not supposed to disturb the dead. They thought that I was going to become an actress, but I knew that I had a mission.”
Her connection with the spirit world stopped after her late teens and she married and had three children. She worked in real estate management and wrestled with the idea of returning to a corporate job. She said that after the birth of her third child, the spirits returned to her in full force.
As an adult she began to set boundaries with the spirits. She decided that if she was going to use her ability to help others that she didn’t want to know about events that can’t be changed. The messages that she presents are meant to help or heal others.
She said that there is a certain amount of danger involved in her work and that many mediums have died from heart attacks.
“There is a lot of electromagnetic energy that flows through the medium’s body,” she said. “It’s very draining to spend large amounts of time in the spirit world.”
Russo refers to herself as a translator for the spirit world and also calls herself a psychic journalist, as she is careful to “interview” the spirit during a reading. Russo’s usual practice is to give many identifying details, including names and descriptions of the energy with whom she is communicating.
She is a Certified Medium by the Forever Family Foundation and the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential. These organizations are dedicated to proving the existence of life after death.
“Most of the testing is done over the phone with strangers that I have no prior contact with,” Russo said. The results of my reading are rated by a panel of judges upon their accuracy.”
In her show “The Haunting of” Russo helps celebrities figure out and bring closure and healing to a paranormal experience they’ve had. She has hosted Regis Philbin, Wayne Newton, and Billy Ray Cyrus, among many others. She is currently filming the fifth season.
She refrains from using any paranormal gadgets and cautions against using Ouija boards, which she said can channel “trickster spirits.”
“One of the most meaningful experiences was working with the wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper,” Russo said. “We went into the basement of his house and the spirit of one of his friends came through and said that he Piper often though about doing something when he entered that room of his house. Piper confessed that he had had suicidal thoughts in that room. Sometimes the spirit world gives a vague message to allow the living to reveal the meaning if they want to.”
Russo is looking forward to performing at the historic Colonial Theatre and hopes to see if she can pick up any supernatural energy from the theatre.
“Whether or not you receive a personalized message during the show, there are lessons that everyone can learn from during the night,” Russo said. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without it being authentic. You have to see it to believe it.”

IF YOU GO: Kim The Happy Medium performs at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville on Friday April 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $22-$40. Visit www.kimthehappymedium.com or thecolonialtheatre.com.

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