‘Hamlet’ – with puppetry and slapstick, at Ursinus College

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COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. – Austin Texas’ Hidden Room Theater brings to Ursinus college  “Der Bestrafte Brudermord,”  a new translation of a version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  The free event is on March 25, at 8 p.m., and it is open to the public.

The mysterious origins of Brudermord (the title translates as “fratricide punished”) are being put to the test in this rarely seen 1710 adaptation of Hamlet, performed as it may have been intended: a puppet show.smallbigBrude_Austin_2015

Acting as a laboratory for Professor Tiffany Stern’s research, the Hidden Room uses a new English translation by Christine Schmidle with puppets created by Mystery Bird Puppet Show and style and costumed by Jennifer Davis to imagine the staging conditions of a an early-18th -Century puppet play. Live music, fireworks and onstage narration accompany this most unusual, and at times outrageously slapstick version of Hamlet that includes added characters and scenes, yet still enjoys a brisk running time of just over an hour.

Brudermord was developed with the support from the American Shakespeare Center. It premiered in October 2013 at the ASC’s prestigious Blackfriars Conference, ahead of a full season in Austin, Texas from January to February in 2014.

See the teaser trailer.


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