Former lead singer of Live bringing acoustic “Throwing Copper” show to Sellersville Theater (listen to tracks here)

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It’s one of the defining rock albums of the ‘90s, selling 8 million copies in the U.S. alone.
For the guy that sang the songs on “Throwing Copper” with fellow York native sons Live, “it really doesn’t make sense” that 20 years have gone by since a year-long climb to the top of the Billboard Album Chart.
“I’m really so revved up about these songs. It’s definitely more than a walk down memory lane for me,” said Ed Kowalczyk, adding that there’s a new vibe to songs like “Lightning Crashes,” “Selling the Drama,” “I Alone” and “All Over You,” which he and guitarist Zak Loy are performing in stripped-down arrangements on a “Throwing Copper Unplugged 20th Anniversary Tour.” “I also produce the show as a multimedia thing. I bring this big screen with me,” said Kowalczyk of a series of new accompanying visuals, created by a team in Austin, Texas.

Ed Kowalczyk is presenting the Live album "Throwing Copper" acoustic April 26 at Sellersville Theater. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Ed Kowalczyk is presenting the Live album “Throwing Copper” acoustic April 26 at Sellersville Theater. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Unlike his previous appearances at the Sellersville Theater, the set list for April 26 will be a sequential live reading of the hit Live album (including the hidden 14th track, “Horse”). Almost six years removed from a bitter falling-out and split from his bandmates/friends-since-middle-school, Kowalczyk said that this tour marks the first time since the mid-’90s that he’s revisited the songs “T.B.D.” (Tibetan Book of the Dead) and “Stage.” According to information on  www.st94.com, the April 26 show is sold-out.
As for “Throwing Copper”’s unsettling doomsday prophecy “White, Discussion,” he said it gets transformed into a fun, “blues-rock, Led Zeppelin-y” arrangement, with created-on-stage rhythm tracks and “spooky” slide guitar from Loy.
“That’s one of the highlights of the night — ‘what’s he gonna do with that?’,” said Kowalczyk.
Although www.facebook.com/edkowalczyk suggests that he’s frequently on the road, the singer/songwriter — who has recorded two albums and an EP of his own since going solo — is a father of four, including a toddler, and says the tours get plenty of time off built in.
His website, www.edkowalczyk.com, offers fans an opportunity to order personalized, special occasion video messages from the singer, as well as intimate mini-concerts, with “Up Close.” “I’m really surprised how much I enjoy that, and showed me that I really am a people person,” he said.


WHAT: Ed Kowalczyk’s “Throwing Copper Unplugged.”

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. April 26.

WHERE: Sellersville Theater 1894, Temple Avenue and Main Street, Sellersville.

TICKETS: $39.50 and $50.

INFO: Call (215) 257-5808 or visit www.st94.com.


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