Looking into a batch of ‘fan mail’

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I receive quite a lot of “fan mail” each week, so it occurred to me, rather than  keeping it a private affair,  so long as I maintain the anonymity of the writers, there is no reason why I shouldn’t share some of these with you.

“Dear Mr. Silverstone, I’m the Australian who met you yesterday at Reading Terminal Market. I had never been there before, and it was great to see some fresh produce again, since living here at the University it’s sparse and expensive! So I was actually at Reading Terminal satisfying my desire and passion to cook. I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t hear what the chefs were saying during their cooking demonstrations, but meeting you certainly made up for it. I wanted to know more about you so I found your book in the book store here at the university, and even though I was only drinking a cup of coffee, and not a glass of wine, I couldn’t put it down and it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning – procrastinating from studying. I am not an avid reader, apart from the epicure section in the Melbourne paper, but I was quite taken with your book.  It reminded me of this past Christmas, when I went on a road trip with an American friend up the East Coast of Australia. At the end of the trip, we read her journal entries and noted all she’d written about was the amazing experiences with good food and wine we’d been having – incredible! I guess it’s that notion – about wanting to educate and give something back to your readers … of being able to show how you appreciate good food and wine – which really hit home when reading your stories.“   Sometimes my readers really do understand what I’m all about, it’s very gratifying.

Here’s another one: “I was thrilled to hear your wine review on TuneIn radio this morning!  I usually save the receipts and make notes as to which bottle was really worth  the price.  I Don’t always remember to make notes though.   Are you going to publish a newsletter or some other type of rating system?  Do you really only spend a maximum of $10 on a bottle of wine? Love the accent!”  

Well, perhaps I will get round to the newsletter one day, but since I object to rating systems, that is something which is never going to happen.  I still have an accent?

Another fan wrote: “I just love your columns, down to earth wine-ing!  I do buy every bottle of wine that you recommend, it’s a nice treat!  I like the Hanna Chardonnay the best so far.” 

And that dear readers, is quite typical. So many of you do nip out and buy a bottle of something I’ve recommended. In fact, I know for a fact that many of you show up at PA Wine and Spirits Shoppes with my column clipped, or saved as a PDF. Now that, when all is said and done, is the highest compliment that could be paid to a  columnist. Keep the letters and the flattery coming. Cheers!

Film director Kevin Macdonald, left,  ("Last King Of Scotland") is a guest on Phillip Silverstone's TuneIn show this week. His latest film "Black Sea"  stars Jude Law, and the interview took place on board the USS Becuna submarine in Philadelphia (the film is set on a submarine). Submitted photo

Film director Kevin Macdonald, left, (“Last King Of Scotland”) is a guest on Phillip Silverstone’s TuneIn show this week. His latest film “Black Sea” stars Jude Law, and the interview took place on board the USS Becuna submarine in Philadelphia (the film is set on a submarine).
Submitted photo

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