Minnie Driver cancels Sellersville concert due to illness. Jesse Ruben and Lily Mae will present free concert

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Minnie Driver’s concert has been cancelled according to a statement posted in the Sellersville Theatre’s website “We have learned that due to illness, Minnie Driver will not be performing this Saturday evening.” The concert was slated for Saturday, Feb. 7.

The theater is holding a free concert “Singer songwriter Jesse Ruben, joined by Lily Mae, will perform a FREE show this Saturday”  also at 8 p.m.  The free show is a general admission event. The theater will be “holding priority seating for Minnie Driver ticketholders that confirm they will still be attending,” according to  www.st94.com.


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After spending nearly every day of the last several months on a soundstage, how does an actress best enjoy a precious week off the set? Well, that would have to be on tour, of course.
“My mom thought I was nuts to go and do these shows,” Minnie Driver said with a laugh over the phone, although driven may be a more accurate word to describe her daughter’s ambition. Between shoots, reshoots, press, promos and the like for the second season of NBC’s sitcom “About a Boy” she’s been simultaneously supporting her new album of cover songs, “Ask Me to Dance.”
“I’m making hay while the sun shines,” Driver replied when presented with the idea of slowing down. “I feel like life is very short and you don’t know when you’ll have opportunities to do stuff. I really believe in doing as much as you possibly can, not to the point of exhaustion but really to exert yourself. I love doing this but I know I’m going to be really tired the week I get back after doing these shows.”
Vacation is on the horizon for Driver, her boyfriend and son when production wraps in late February but there’s quite a bit more work to be done before she can trade in her sky-high stilettos for a set of snow skis. Even a modest plan of four dates proved to be too challenging for the star of a network series when her time on the road was sliced in half due to scheduling conflicts.
The two dates still on the books, The Cutting Room in New York, N.Y. and ST94 in Sellersville, Pa. provide Driver with the seldom opportunity to take the stage outside of a role and as herself. Hoping to elevate the performances beyond the fallacies of a celebrity sighting, she hopes audiences leave her local performance on Feb. 7 simply feeling good.

“If you’re a musician who’s touring all of the time you probably get a little bit tired of putting it all out there every single night but I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like so I do pretty much leave everything out there all the time. It’s good, I think that’s what people want to see. If they like you as an artist they like how you communicate with them so I think you have to do it 100 percent.”
Driver has spent a lifetime pursuing a passion for the arts in one expression or another, first recognizing an interest in acting, playwriting and singing-songwriting at the age of six. A career in Hollywood was initially a foreign concept to the London native, who harbored early aspirations of practicing her craft in her hometown at the Royal National Theatre or the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Saddled by the mere fact that there is only so many hours in the day, Driver’s rising profile as a jazz musician in her early adulthood was thwarted by a budding acting career. The last 25 years spent meticulously hand-picking television and film roles would culminate in an Academy Award nomination for her scene-stealing turn in “Good Will Hunting” and an Emmy and Golden Globe win for her lead work on “The Riches.”
While Driver has occasionally been able to demonstrate her abilities as a songstress while in character, her aptitude would largely go untapped in her adulthood prior to her record deal. Nearly all of the lyrics were self-written for her first two albums: “Everything I’ve Got In My Pockets” and “Seastories.”
“I didn’t want to go to therapy and I needed to get some [things] down, that is purely working my stuff out mostly around relationships, life and how we interact with it. It was a very necessary thing for me to do, I didn’t find it hard because I had a lot that I needed to get free of.”
It won’t be easy for Driver to leave her son back home in Los Angeles when she hits the road but the profound experience of following her own script and direction makes live performance more than worth while in the end.
“I like it more because there’s nothing editing you, it’s just you. That’s the hardest thing, in film and television you’re filtered through a million different other people’s perception of what you’re doing. I’m very comfortable and loose on stage in front of people, it’s very freeing. I love doing it, I really do.”


What: Minnie Driver
Where: Sellersville Theatre, 24 W. Temple Ave., Sellersville.
When:  Concert is sold out according to www.st94.com/listing. Concert is at 8 p.m. on Saturday Feb. 7.

Tickets: Call (215) 257-5808 or check www.st94.com.

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