Sally Kellerman brings her new show to the Rrazz Room in New Hope

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Sally Kellerman, the legendary Oscar-nominated “Hot Lips” of the original “MASH,” brings her new show, “A Little Jazz, A Little Blues, A Little Rock and Roll” to the Rrazz Room in New Hope on Jan. 24.

And even though most of us think of Kellerman as an actress, she says the truth is she grew up wanting to be both a singer and an actress, laughingly claiming she “came out of the womb singing.”

In fact, even though she’s kept quite busy over the years doing film and TV work (including a recent stint on the soap opera, “The Young and the Restless”), she’s also enjoyed a secondary career as a nightclub performer as well.

According to Kellerman, it’s been nearly 30 years since her first album was released but says she’s continued to perform over the years, including shows at the legendary Carnegie Hall.

“It wasn’t until recently that I finally knew who I was, and it was only then that I finally felt ready to record another album, the latest being appropriately titled ‘Sally.’” she explains.

“I think l followed my acting career and gave up on singing for awhile because I had no confidence in myself,” Kellerman continues. “I thought of singing as something I had to do alone, whereas when I acted I had other people around me. I forgot then when I sang I wasn’t alone. There was a band around me.”

Before Robert Altman gave Kellerman her big break in the groundbreaking cinematic comedy “MASH” in 1970, Kellerman enjoyed small roles in film and TV. But with the release of the film in 1970, both she and the movie were an immediate success, with Kellerman the sole actor to earn an Oscar nomination.

As her star began to rise, the actress was offered more and more roles through the years. But eventually, when her quality film output began to falter, she turned he attention to her singing career and began to make a dent as a deep-voiced, sultry blues and jazz artist.

“All my life all my loves and dreams have involved singing and acting, and fortunately that’s where my life has taken me,” she says.

“And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” she confesses. “For me, acting has been wonderful and singing is a passion that has never died. I don’t know if I was a late bloomer or a slow learner, but whatever the case, I’m having the time of my life.”

The Rrazz Room is located at 6426 Lower York Road in New Hope. For information, check www.therrazzroom.com  or call (888) 596-1027.


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