Canadian singer-songwriter brings ‘Holiday Hoes and Hosers’ to Sellersville stage

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Jane Siberry lives a creative life. She paints, writes poetry and lyrics, and composes music. She’ll be bringing her music to the Sellersville Theater stage on Dec. 13 during her “Holiday Hoes and Hosers” tour.
For more than 30 years, the Canadian singer-songwriter has been making music, working with the likes of k.d. lang, Indigo Girls, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, and others. You may have heard her most well-known song (with lang) “Calling All Angels” in the TV shows “Deadwood” and “Six Feet Under” and in the movie “Pay It Forward.”
When I reached her by telephone on Oct. 30, the soft-spoken singer sounded even further away than the San Francisco location where she was beginning the rehearsal process. She thoughtfully answered each question, starting with one about the title of her show. It’s eye-catching and original, much like the performer herself.
Siberry said the show will be “festive and intense and thoughtful and funny.” She’ll perform it during multi-night stops in five U.S. cities – Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.
She’s only at Sellersville Theater for one night. How did this Pennsylvania town make the list that seems to only feature the big cities? She played ST94 before and remembered the audience’s energy.
“Their listening and heart capacity were huge,” she said.
The show features holiday tunes and spoken word about “these times of spiritual potential.”
During the show, Siberry will explore the possibilities offered when sexual energy is channeled into healing between men and women.
“There will be a storyline of what might happen should today’s often empty sexual culture find its way to becoming a healing energy, where prostitutes train customers to use their sexual energy for the greater good. As a result, the hoes become healers and hosers become heroes in the show,” Siberry said.
Her concert also will feature Christmas hymns, traditional songs, some relational songs. The set might change as they were just beginning rehearsals at the time of the interview. It’s extremely likely that she and her backing band – singer Rebecca Jenkins, cellist Kevin Fox, singer Ali Hughes, and musical director and multi-instrumentalist Peter Kiesewalter – will play her song “Hockey.” She’s Canadian – it’s practically required. Her promotional posters tip people off to the fact that she’s a fan, too – they depict her holding a hockey stick, one even showing a lost tooth.
Being on stage in a room with a live audience always means energy is being exchanged.
“I’m receiving energy from the audience and taking it in and sending it back with both our energies,” she said. “The beauty of music is what can happen when a group of people are experiencing it together. The opposite is listening to a record by yourself, which is important, too, but we’re by ourselves even more now than we used to be, I think.”
She’ll complete a new record for people to listen to alone after the tour. It’s in process and called “Consider the Lily.”
“They’re more beautiful and thoughtful songs,” she said. “[Hoes and Hosers] has that side, but also is more conversational and funny and edgy.”
What inspires her?
“People move me, [as well as] animals and nature,” she said. “I’m inspired by things that move my heart to some point of compassion or passion or concern.”
Considering how creative she is, she seems to be inspired a lot. Being creative makes her feel good, no matter how it manifests. Siberry thinks creativity is an important force for people, whether or not the product of their creativity is “good.”
“It should be seen simply as a vitamin – 20 minutes a day will raise your Dopamine level to such and such,” she said. “It makes me feel good and healthy. It’s like sunlight. It makes life more fun.”
The holidays have major fun potential and Siberry hopes that people will come out and enjoy an evening of togetherness. When promoting the show on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, she wrote “Get thee to the funnery” – she’s planning on making it a good time.
Since it’s the holiday season, it seemed appropriate to ask what her Christmas wish is. When she responded, she wasn’t just thinking of herself.
“I would like the interface between myself and the greater to be less thick so that I don’t feel so alone sometimes,” she said. “I would wish that for everyone if they wanted it.”
Now that’s some nice healing energy there.


What: ‘Jane Siberry’s Holiday Hoes and Hosers’
When: 8 p.m. Dec. 13
Where: Sellersville Theater, 24 West Temple Ave, Sellersville.
Tickets: $25 and $40.
Info.: Call (215) 257-5808 or visit www.st94.com.

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