Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus at the Tower Theater

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A Triple Threat of Thrash

When Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus played a handful of dates together this past May, every date was sold out and fans experienced a night of some of the best metal on the planet.  Turns out, it was a good way to test the waters, as the trinity of thrash legends have joined up again for a full-on road trip, which steamrolls into town this Sunday at the Tower Theater.

It’s a testament to the dedication to their fans that Slayer is even still together. Last year saw the tragic passing of founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who contracted flesh-eating disease from a spider bite in 2011. Then drummer Dave Lombardo exited the group acrimoniously over a financial dispute and was replaced by Paul Bostaph for the second time in the band’s history. But while groups with lesser willpower might have called it a day, Slayer continues to persevere.

Slayer’s songs mirror the turmoil and aberrations of our society – global genocide, the chaos of a broken political system, chemical warfare, the hideous minds of serial killers, and the way-too-close proximity of world horrors that technology has brought us. Crushing and brutal, the band steadfastly refuses to cater to the mainstream.

What happens when you add two other mainstays of thrash in Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus is, according to a statement from Slayer frontman Tom Araya, “[Expletive] intense.”

“We are way [expletive] excited about hitting the road again with Suicidal and Exodus.”

Suicidal frontman Mike Muir echoed Araya’s sentiments in the same statement, saying “Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus, for only six shows? They were a blast, but everyone knew that wouldn’t be enough.  Now’s your chance to see what everyone else was screaming about.  ST definitely can’t wait [for this tour] to do it all again!”

Following the tour, Slayer will head back to the studio to put the finishing touches on a new album, the follow up to 2009’s World Painted Blood, which is expected to arrive at some point in the New Year.


What: Slayer in concert. Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus are the openers.
When: 7:30 p.m. Nov. 30
Where: The Tower Theatre, 69th & Ludlow in Upper Darby, PA

Tickets: $49.50

Info.: Call (610) 352-2887 or visit www.ticketmaster.com


Slayer. Photo by Tim Tronckoe. Submitted photo

Slayer. Photo by Tim Tronckoe. Submitted photo

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