The Glitch Mob stops at Electric Factory on Halloween

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The rise in electronic dance music (EDM) in recent years has been unparalleled by any other genre. Multi-day EDM focused destination festivals sell out instantly, with artists like Avicii, Calvin Harris and Tiesto riding the wave to filled arenas around the Globe. But Los Angeles three-piece The Glitch Mob, performing at the Electric Factory on Halloween, are almost in an entirely different class altogether.
“I think that part of it is we don’t fit into any one category as far as these festivals go,” said Glitch Mob member Justin Boreta in between weekends at Austin City Limits earlier this month. “The music, it’s electronic music, but it also has elements of rock. So we have the ability to go play EC (Electric Circus) or play Coachella or play Lollapalooza and fit, but we never fit perfectly into any of those because we’re hard to classify.”
Being so difficult to pigeonhole isn’t so much of a problem when the band gets slotted into a variety of diverse festival lineups. Part of that is due to a fanbase that is so dedicated that it propelled the band’s sophomore effort, “Love Death Immortality,” into the number 13 spot on the Billboard charts when it was released this past February. And while that’s an accomplishment on its own, it’s an even greater feat when considering the fact that The Glitch Mob had already made the album available online for free.

“We were a little surprised to be honest (laughs),” said Boreta. “I will say that having been on the road and touring all over the world and playing this music, it seems like people have a personal relationship with the music and with us too.”
“We’re very available and we have a lot of one on one communication with our fans, in person or online, we always hop down to say hi to fans after the show no matter where we are,” he continued. “I think that people, even though they don’t have to buy the music, still went and came out in numbers because maybe they know that we’re independent backed and dependent on their support and we’re grateful for that.”
Mix in the traditional EDM flavor with a deep bass and bottom end more likely to be found in a hard rock outfit as well as three guys who used to be DJs that have an innate flair for the dramatic and you’ve got all the necessary ingredients for a stellar live show. Now, mix in Halloween — on a Friday — in Philadelphia and something special is bound to go down.
“Yes…” said Boreta as he trailed off cryptically. “We can’t talk about it just yet.”


What: The Glitch Mob. Opening: The M Machine and Chrome Sparks
When: Friday, Oct. 31
Where: Electric Factory, 421 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia
Tickets: General admission is $33.95
Info.: Check www.electricfactory.info

The Glitch Mob.  Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

The Glitch Mob.
Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom


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