Theresa Caputo to share her unique gift at Liacouras Center appearance

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She sees herself as a typical Long Island wife and mother from Hicksville, New York — with one exception: Theresa Caputo can communicate with the dead.

And on Oct. 10, she’ll be sharing that gift and answering questions from the audience at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia at 7:30 pm. Caputo will be giving readings to audience members throughout the show, and will also share stories about her life and her unique gifts.

“I can’t explain what I do, I just do it,” says Caputo, who acknowledges that she’s had this ability to channel spirits of the dead since she was a little girl.

“I remember at a very young age always seeing and feeling things that others did not,” she says. “ I would see people at the foot of my bed or hear them call my name, and I didn’t know those things were not supposed to happen, or that they didn’t happen to everyone.”

But as she got older, she found out she was different. “I was raising spirits for many years and eventually went to a spiritual healer in my 20s to try to understand what was going on or control what the spirits were telling me.”

Theresa Caputo. Submitted photo

Theresa Caputo. Submitted photo

And with knowledge soon came the ability, she says, to help others communicate with their dear, departed. Now a practicing medium for more than a decade, and a certified medium with the Forever-Family Foundation — an organization dedicated to connecting science with the afterlife — Caputo describes the process of receiving information as “feeling” spirits.

“There’s no process to what I do,” she says. “When I start my day I just always ask for the highest good for all concerned. This is just the way I am. I can’t help it or force it in anyway. I just get feelings. Things just happen.”

Of course there are the skeptics who question what she does. “Look, I read with respect, and I know everyone has his or her own opinion of what I do. But I don’t read with the intent of proving something. I’m just the vessel spirits use to let their loved ones know they are still with us and wishing to get their messages across.”

Today, Caputo spends her days helping individuals find closure and connect with their loved ones who have passed in order to validate that they are still with them. She can also be seen on television on TLC (The Learning Channel), a series that follows her as she helps people everywhere she goes, in addition to holding individual sessions. Her clients are now on a two-year waiting list.

Additionally, her second book, titled “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up,“ was just released.

“My business keeps growing and today I’m able to target more and more people,” Caputo points out. “I’m also able to help people who might have similar feelings that I have, to let them know they’re normal no matter how unusual they think they are.

“You know, “she concludes, “I didn’t go to college or take psychology courses. I never even read a spiritual book before. All I know is from my own experiences and actually communicating with spirits. For some reason, I am able to give people peace and maybe help their lives be a little easier knowing that their loved ones are still with them but in a different way. And for me, that makes my own soul feel complete.”

Tickets are available at comcasttix.com(800) 298-4200 or the Liacouras Center Box Office.

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