Lansdale band The Sixties unveils new music

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To get what The Sixties are up to, it helps to be privy to their inside jokes.
“There It Isn’t,” the title of the Lansdale band’s very first full-length album, was born from the razzing that goes on among close friends.
“Somebody will be like: ‘Where are my keys?’
Our former bass player, Jeff, would go: ‘There it isn’t’,” explained singer and guitarist C.J. Morgan, 28.
Morgan; lead guitarist Chris “Wags” Wagner, a Lansdale resident originally from Media; drummer Chris Mehr, a graduate of La Salle College High School and bass player Mike Oldham will unveil tracks from the album, on the also-from-Lansdale indie label Get This Right Records, at an all-ages album release show 7 p.m. June 21 at VFW Post No. 32, 805 W. Second St., Lansdale Borough. Cover is $10. Also on the concert bill are The Mahlors, Merit, Chronic Wolf and House of Cards. The record is out  June 17. Purchase the album at:  www.coldcutsmerch.com/collections/getthisrightrecords.
In offbeat, postmodern style, one of the singles, “Jean Jacket,” doesn’t mention a jean jacket.
“We just shot a video for ‘Jean Jacket’ and it adds some substance to that name. My dad gets angry with me (for not putting the song title in the lyrics),” Morgan said with a laugh.
But once you get an earful of the band’s driving and gritty modern rock sound, that becomes unimportant. Like their friends in The Wonder Years — a local band with a worldwide following — many of The Sixties’ songs are about “realizing you’re out in the world. Who am I? What do I want to do?,” Morgan said.
“I have lost my way/but I’m on the road again,” he sings in the song “On the Road,” the title of a three-song EP released last year.
Those in the know in the Lansdale music scene remember when they were called The Breaks. That name had to be abandoned, Morgan said, when another band that called themselves The Brakes objected to them having such a similar name.
According to Morgan, inspiration came from a compilation book of “Rolling Stone” interviews, with sentences that frequently begin with “Back in the ‘60s …” or “In the ‘60s, we did …” When the band convened for brainstorming meetings for a new moniker, “it was the first thing we didn’t automatically say no to,” he said.
Unfortunately, being called The Sixties leads to the group having to repeatedly field the question if they’re a ‘60s cover band.
However, that hasn’t stopped them from getting mentioned on WXPN’s local music website The Key, and making it into the second round of listener voting for opening this year’s Radio 104.5 Birthday Show. Look and listen at http://thesixties.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/TheSixtiesPA and on Twitter @The SixtiesPA.

WHAT: The Sixties album release party
WHEN: 7 p.m. June 21
WHERE: VFW Post No. 32, 805 W. Second St., Lansdale.
TICKETS: Cover is $10.

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