Classic films heat up Hollywood summer nights in Ambler, Doylestown and Jenkintown

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A new season of classic films have arrived to take their places among the foreign, independent and documentary films that have become hallmarks of the County, Ambler, and Hiway Theaters in the annual Hollywood Summer Nights series. For more than 20 years, Hollywood Summer Nights have offered a varied selection of the best American cinema has to offer, from MGM musicals to Hitchcock thrillers. (FULL SCHEDULE FOLLOWS  BELOW)
“Classic movies on the big screen in a packed theater are not simply great entertainment – they’re a community experience,” said Chris Collier, Associate Director for Renew Theaters. “The joy of seeing a comedy surrounded by an appreciative, laughing audience cannot be replicated. Your first time seeing an iconic scene, the way it was meant to be seen, up in bright lights, and hearing the murmur of the crowd is something that cannot be replaced.”
Collier believes the series to be a perfect distillation of everything Renew Theaters strives for in managing the three cinemas. Hollywood Summer Nights offers incomparable artistic quality, an inimitable entertainment experience in a community-minded atmosphere and a bit of film education thrown into the mix.
“Old movies are just as relevant and germane to today as classic literature. They share our best stories and engage our emotions,” he said. “Classic films have stood the test of time and have been selected out of all of the other films that were released as the touchstones that connect us to our past.”

A scene from the classic "Casablanca." Photo provided by Renew Theaters

A scene from the classic “Casablanca.” Photo provided by Renew Theaters

Kicking off with the Tennessee Williams classic A Streetcar Named Desire and an unforgettable Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, this season also includes an “After Dark” component. Rather than the Golden Age, these edgy, often profane, violent, and/or scary, films are not meant for the entire family. Renew invites audiences to judge for themselves – are darker films like The Night of the Hunter, Saturday Night Fever and Silence of the Lambs new classics in the making?

Full Schedules (All films begin at 7 p.m.)
June 5: Rebel Without a Cause
June 11: Saturday Night Fever
June 12: The Maltese Falcon
June 18: The Sting
June 19: Rope
June 25: The Palm Beach Story
June 26: High Noon
July 3: Casablanca
July 9: Network
July 10: My Man Godfrey
July 16: 8th Annual Little Lebowski Nite,
Featuring The Big Lebowksi
July 23: Groundhog Day
July 24: Desk Set
July 30:The Lady from Shanghai
July 31: Some Like it Hot
Aug 6: The Silence of the Lambs
Aug 7: A Hard Day’s Night
Aug 13: The Three Stooges Night
Aug 14: Back to the Future
Aug 20: Rear Window
Aug 21: The Bank Dick
Aug 27: The Spy Who Loved Me
Aug 28: Harvey
Sept 3: Sabrina
Sept 4: The Night of the Hunter
June 3: Rocky
June 4: Rebel Without a Cause
June 10: Saturday Night Fever
June 11: The Maltese Falcon
June 17: The Sting
June 18: Rope
June 24: The Palm Beach Story
June 25: High Noon
July 2: Casablanca
July 8: Network
July 9: My Man Godfrey
July 15: The Lady from Shanghai
July 16: Some Like It Hot
July 22: Groundhog Day
July 23: Desk Set
July 30: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Aug 5: Sabrina
Aug 6: A Hard Day’s Night
Aug 12: The Silence of the Lambs
Aug 13:Back to the Future
Aug 19:North by Northwest
Aug 20: The Bank Dick
Aug 26:The Spy Who Loved Me
Aug 27:Harvey
Sept 4:The Night of the Hunter
June 5: A Night at the Opera
June 19: The Maltese Falcon
June 26: Some Like it Hot
July 10: Rebecca
July 17: Casablanca
July 31: Psycho
Aug 7: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Aug 21: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Aug 28: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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