R5 wants you to have some ‘Loud’ fun at the Mann

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Riker Lynch, vocalist of R5, doesn’t just want his fans to have a fun time when he and his siblings invade The Mann Center for the Performing Arts.
He wants them to have a ‘Loud’ fun time.
“Loud” is the first album put out by R5 and Hollywood Records.
“We want every one to come and forget about the rest of the world,” said Lynch. “We just want you to lose yourself in the music. We are all there for the same thing. It’s a powerful emotion jumping and singing the songs together. We want you to leave with a smile, forget all your problems.”

Lynch, along with brothers Ross (vocals and guitar) and Rocky, (vocals and guitar) sister Rydel (vocals and keyboard) and best friend Ratliff (drums and vocals), make up the popular rock band R5.
They have been performing together since ‘09. Riker though has appeared on episodes of “Glee,” while Ross is on the hit TV show “Austin and Ally.”
Still, music is everything thing for Riker. Actually, the band is everything.
“I’m just excited to be on the road,” Lynch said. “We’ve been working on our second album. I just love being on the road and being on tour. I’m just generally excited to be on the road.”
That U.S. part of the tour began in Virginia on May 22 and lands at the Mann on Friday, May 30.
R5 began the tour for six weeks in Europe before heading out to Canada for two weeks.
It may be a bit of surreal life for Lynch and his five siblings (Ryland is the band’s manager) these days, but the journey really began in 2007.
Then, the family moved from Colorado to Los Angeles in hopes of making it in the music business.
Despite living in a tiny apartment without a television while their father transferred his business to California, the dream never stopped.
“In the beginning, I thought is this going to work?” Lynch said. “I’m glad we stuck with it. It’s been an amazing journey and we’re just getting started.”
Lynch and R5 have stayed grounded because they have each other and the fact that the music is still a work in process.
Although they’ve been compared to pop sensation One Direction and are now selling out venues like the Mann and the Best Buy Theatre in New York, Lynch isn’t resting on his laurels.

R5. Photo courtesy of  Mann Center for the Performing Arts

R5. Photo courtesy of Mann Center for the Performing Arts

“I feel like we’re trucking along,” Lynch said. “I don’t think there’s a moment where we thought ‘we’ve made it.’ We’re always trying to raise the bar. We’re always trying to put out our best show. I don’t know if we’ve ever thought we made it. We’re trying to keep raising the bar.”
The fans of R5 may disagree, turning them more into the latest craze that Beatlesmania started in the 60s.
Times have changed though. The band can now engage fans on Twitter, but mostly it’s all about the live show and still engaging the fans there.
“We take pictures with fans all the time,” Lynch said. “Sometimes it’s tough. we’re running late a lot. We try to take as much time as we can for the fans, especially on stage.”
The overwhelming response R5 has gotten from fans can not only be attributed mostly to their music, but the live shows.
In fact, one of the band’s biggest goals is to record a live album.
“Our shows are spontaneous,” Lynch said. “Ross will start singing another song and we’ll all jump in, it just happens randomly. ‘Let’s Go Crazy’, yeah we are excited for that one.”
To see R5 perform live is to not only see a great band sharing their craft, but a family loving life.
It’s California fun, but it’s also about family and close friends.
“This is the best time of my life,” Lynch said. “I love being with these guys. To be on stage and touring and traveling it’s the best.”
Lynch and R5 also have a message to any fans that look them as role models and want the same out of life.
“It’s all hard work,” Lynch said. “If you can outwork everybody if it’s playing an instrument, singing a song … we outworked a lot of people trying to do some things. Our work ethic took us far.”
R5 will be making their third appearance in Philadelphia, but the first at Mann.
Lynch said that a venue of the size of The Mann can bring a whole, another energy to the performance.
And the fact that he’s an L.A. Kings fan may get some play. too.
“We’re rooting for the Kings,” said Lynch, a diehard hockey fan. “We like the Flyers. Claude Giroux is a freaking, amazing player.

WHAT: R5 In Concert
WHERE: Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
WHEN: Friday, May 30th at 7:30 p.m.
TICKETS: $29.50-$45
INFO.: Tickets are on sale now via MannCenter.org, Ticketmaster.com, (800) 745-3000, AEGLive.com or the Mann Box Office.

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