Northeast Philadelphia Beer Festival brewing its fourth annual event

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While the well-known brands of beer such as Budweiser, Miller, Coors and Pottstown’s Yuengling remain popular, craft beer has gained a large following in the last few years among beer drinkers young and old.
Craft beer is loosely defined as an independently-owned brand that produces a limited amount of beer and usually with a unique flavor or taste.
One such event highlighting craft beer is the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Beer Festival, which will take place Saturday, May 10 at Cannstatter’s on Academy Road in Northeast Philadelphia.

There will be a wide selection for beer-lovers, including ales, lagers, porters, stouts, ciders and much more.
“Craft beer has been blowing up in the area in the last couple of years,” said event organizer Patrick Coyne.
More than 75 craft beers will be available to sample, and there will be many breweries represented at the outdoor festival.
Breweries are constantly experimenting, trying to come up with the right mix of flavor, taste, and for some, alcohol content. Some of the breweries the casual beer drinker may have heard of that will be at the festival include Shock Top, Johnny Appleseed, Dogfish and Weyerbacher.
This is the 4th annual Greater NE Philly Beer Festival, and it’s grown every year.
“It has (the festival) built up every single year, and numbers have gotten bigger and bigger,” said Coyne. “It’s a mix of all ages. People ages 21 and up to 60 (come each year).”
An additional VIP session will be offered, where beer enthusiasts will be able to sample beers which will not be a part of the general session. Coyne mentioned the recent opening of the Conshohocken Brewing Company, noting that they will be at the festival and taking part in the VIP session.
There will be a mystery beer for people to take a guess on throughout the day. Last year’s mystery beer was a graham cracker/smores stout from Neshaminy Creek Brewing, who will be back at the festival this year.
For some people, beer and cigars go together very well. Santiago Cigar Factory Inc. will be at the festival with hand-rolled cigars available for purchase.
The festival is sponsored by the Punch Buggy Brewing Company, a Conshohocken based brewery opening later this year. They will have beer available for purchase and will be delivering to the Philadelphia area beginning in late 2014.
For those who may find a liking to what they sample at the festival and are interested in making a purchase, the Craft Beer Outlet will have beer available to buy after the event.
The festival is sure to be a hit for beer aficionados and those looking for a potential new favorite drink. You never know, something unexpected might spark your taste buds.

WHAT: The 4th annual Northeast Philadelphia Beer Festival
WHERE: Cannstatter’s Volksfest-Verein, 9130 Academy Road, Philadelphia,
WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 1 to 5 p.m.
TICKETS: $35, online; $40, at the door; $45, VIP
INFO.: Visit www.nephillybeerfest.com or call (215) 332-0121.
CONNECT: On Twitter @PhillyBeerfest

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Mike Berman