Trout Fishing In America heads to Phoenixville for family concert

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Trout Fishing In America – the duo comprised of Ezra Idlet at the guitar and vocals and Keith Grimwood on bass and vocals — presents a family concert at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 26 at The Colonial Theatre, 227 Bridge St., Phoenixville.

Trough Fishing In America.  Photo by Eric Overacker

Trough Fishing In America.
Photo by Eric Overacker

Based in northwest Arkansas, Grimwood and Idlet first teamed up in Houston as members of the folk/rock band St. Elmo’s fire, according to information provided.  Grimwood left  a classical music career as bassist for the Houston Symphony and Idlet had been through a variety of rock and folk bands.   Before the breakup of St. Elmo’s fire in 1979, Grimwood and Idlet began performing on the side as a duo. An impromptu event in the late 70s had a profound effect on their career:  they were asked to perform at a grade school.  Since then, performing and recording for children has been a major focus of TFIA’s music, according to press information.

For ticket information, call  610-917-1228

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